About Us

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  Shri Kalaivani Natyalaya Dance Academy

Shri Kalaivani Natyalaya dance Academy was founded in 2003 by Deepa S(Iyer) Annadate, with the vision of sharing the beauty and depth of Bharatanatyam, the oldest and most widely performed classical dance tradition of India through education, outreach and performance. Adhering to the Tanjore style of Bharatanatyam, which is known for its geometry and precision of technique, subtle expressional dance, and keen sense of aesthestics, Shri Kalaivani Natyalaya looks to expand creativity within the framework of this exquisite dance form, retaining its traditional roots while contributing to its evolution as a “living” performance art.
Shri Kalaivani Naytalaya offers an equal opportunity to all age groups. The students age vary from 4 year old blooming buds to older, married women.

Our institution has students from myriad backgrounds. Our Academy has grown from strength to strength over the years and has performed in many cities across the country. Time and again we have been invited to perform at programmmes and conferences of many corporate organisations and noteworthy institutions.
Shri Kalaivani Natyalaya has come a long way in the last 10 years; its students unite to perform on an Annual Day function every year.

  About Deepa

Deepa S (Iyer) Annadate is an acclaimed choreographer, teacher, performer and an exponent of Bharatanatyam.
Endowed with a fascinating personality and highly imaginative mind she has won plaudits from audiences and critics alike for her dancing skills. Her flair for the arts finds expression through ‘Sri Kalaivani Natyalaya.’

Guru Deepa is a very diligent disciple of Guru Smt. Geeta Mohan of Natyadeeepam, Dombivli & Guru Smt. Vijaya Prasad of Kuchipudi Dance academy, Dombivli.
She found her soul in Bharatnatyam & Kuchipudi Dances & her quest for learning along with her sharp intellect & unstincted efforts made her attain fame & success in her career within a short span of time. Deepa holds a Master’s degree in Bharatnatyam from the Bharatiya Sangeeta Samiti (rgtd)., Mumbai. Besides Dance she also holds Bachelor degree in commerce & also completed her diploma in Finance from Welingkar university of Mgmt, Mumbai. At present she teaches more than 150 students in her dance academy for more than 10 years.

  As a choreographer, she has experimented with a wide variety of themes and has directed several Dance Ballets such as:  
  • Dashavataram
  • Krishna Leela
  • Sita Swayamvara
  • Aandal Thirumanam
  • Mahishasura mardini
  • Kalinga Nartanam
  • Hanuman Chalisa
  • Draupadi Vastraharanam(a dance drama from Mahabharat)
  • Prahalad moksham
  • Kannagi shapatam…… & many more.

Guru Deepa founded Sri Kalaivani Natyalaya in the year 2003 & trains more than 450 students in the field of Bharatnatyam & Kuchipudi.

Her students have won several awards & appreciation in the interstate & interschool competitions both in classical & folk dances namely Nrityanjali Fest, Kanakasabha, All India Radio Music & Dance Competition, Ragasudha, Lions club, Rotary Club, Rotract Club, Talent festival Thane …… & many more…..

Her choreographies display a fine balance between various important aspects of presentation like the use of space, body language, design and variety.